Xpnsion Network – What and Why?

We created Xpnsion network as a way to showcase our own teachings. We then started interviewing other practitioners for interest and content and realized how much fun it was. We see XPN as a way to help all of us in the spirituality business get exposure and grow our businesses. This is about all of us working together to expand the possibilities and bring awareness to the industry in a loving, accepting, non-competitive way. There is plenty of potential for all of us. There are not a lot of platforms for smaller businesses and practitioners. We are striving to create that opportunity for all. When we started out in this business of Spirituality, no one was willing to offer any advice or give a helping hand. It seemed as if it was every man/woman for themselves. We vowed when we could make it possible to create a platform that we would showcase all practitioners….at least those who are willing to put themselves out there.

Xpnsion Network is a television network, not a podcast or show on social media. Currently it is available on Roku TV US, and Amazon Fire Stick TV US. Xpnsion Network is free for viewers. There is no subscription involved, the programming is available to all who choose to watch.


We use social media and television platforms. The episodes premiere on FaceBook and YouTube and are then added to our Xpnsion Network Channels on Roku and Fire TV. We currently have 50,000 plus views per month on these platforms and are growing. Roku has 37 million active users and Amazon Fire TV has 30 million active accounts.

How do you get involved?

Our current package is for 4 shows per month with a one year contract. The following are current pricing guidelines as of Nov. 2019 and are subject to change:

  • Introductory pricing is $600 for 4 unique shows per month. Practitioners can showcase their own programming on the network by providing a finished, videoed product to the network that is up to 50 minutes long in content with an intro and outro attached. This product is then loaded onto the platforms. Contact information, websites, etc can be stated verbally but not in writing (due to Roku and Amazon TV regulations).
  • Infomercials – Contact us about this option
  • Ask about our production services for additional fees.

Contact Information

Xpnsion Network was launched in February, 2018. Kasey and Brad Wallis are the creators and owners of Xpnsion Network. They live in Central, Utah.

For information contact [email protected]

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