Weekend With Julius ~ Spring Equinox


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Weekend with Julius ~ Spring Equinox

Springing into Empowerment and Display

March 7 and 8, 2020

This weekend will focus on utilizing the 3 energy ribbons in the 3rd dimensional Astral plane for eliminating abandonment issues.
As human beings we get bound tightly with abandonment energy.  Everyone of us has them, from separation from Source knowing, to loved ones dying, to loved ones turning against us.
Even those if us who have abandoned others in their perspective , that energy can cling to us and make us feel unworthy.
It is time to release that energy once and for all. To be able to step into the space of expansion, unlimited knowing, and Source energy we must feel fully empowered and worthy of the experience.
Come experience the forces of the energy in this workshop, let this energy raise your frequency and continue to uplift your lifestyle experiences into the next level of Joy and release.
As we continue to dissolve the energy that binds us we come closer to our usage of our full energy potentials.
Light beingness is your authentic energy, we will continue to assist you in reaching this field consistantly.
This workshop will create the energy platform for your new self awakening from winter creative slumber.  Like a new butterfly showing off it’s wings you are ready after the winter hibernation of creative thought.
Join us as we ramp you up for magnificent presentation of yourself.

This Weekend With Julius product does NOT include your lodging or meals except lunch.  For this event, you should plan to arrive at Wind Chimes Farm at 10 am on Saturday March 7 and again at 10 am on Sunday March 8 for opening ceremonies.

  • Any part or all of the Weekend With Julius can only inspire accessing the results within you. We cannot gaurantee results.
  • See our Terms and Medical Disclaimer.
  • We have the right to suspend or halt any workshop with no refunds if we deem any behavior as inappropriate.
  • No pets allowed at any of the Weekend With Julius Retreats.