Releasing Ancient Imprints

Through centuries, we have been embedded with imprints that have taken us far from the knowing of who we are. The repetitive experience is the experience of being herded into a type of thinking and being that continues to this day. As we awaken, we are not fully aware of what may still beholding us back because of patterns and beliefs so deeply embedded within our psyche. The incisive information in this package of teachings by Julius help you through unseen as well as common pitfalls that sometimes occur on the path to freedom. It is amazingly relevant for both beginners as well as advanced students. You become aware of what you could be doing that is more detrimental, rather than fulfilling you and you are lovingly guided in the direction of self-empowerment.

Module 1 – Breaking The Cycle of Herd-like Behavior

As you strike out to regain your knowing, you may often find yourself still wanting the approval and validation of others around you. There may a reaction from the group or community to draw you back into the same limited ways of being that you have outgrown. How you resist this pressure from within and without is the immense value of this teaching. Discover your unique being and the balance in expansion through:

  • Knowing the deep imprints of herd-like behavior.
  • The defining role of thought acceptance.
  • Several very helpful suggestions to move away from shared, limiting thoughts.
  • A valuable application for gaining a broader perspective.

Modules 2 and 3 – Ritualistic Programming

This insightful teaching helps you make that vital course correction so that all the time and effort you dedicate to your spiritual journey does not misfire. It brings you a great sense of relief, freedom and encouragement to go further. You discover how what you may be doing with the best of intentions may actually be hampering your progress.

Be the mindful awakened soul:

  • The definition and practice of true spirituality.
  • One of the biggest distractions on your spiritual path.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of spiritual practice and why you falter.
  • How to use practices to get the most amazing results.

Modules 4 and 5 – What Is Faith?

This teaching is an absolute ‘must-have’ for all who have been intrigued, confused, misled by the many myths, interpretations and beliefs about this vast concept – a concept that has played a huge role in our lives, lifetime after lifetime. In times gone by, we have been punished harshly for not having faith. The unseen impact of this continues till we get a greater understanding through enlightened teachings. This extraordinary teaching answers many questions on this often confusing subject that may still have the power to bind us to limited ways of being.

You understand:

  • When faith can have a detrimental effect on you.
  • How and why we get derailed on our conscious journey.
  • The ultimate teaching of love and allowing.
  • The best approach to tackle obstacles on the journey.


Let love-based knowledge take you to freedom!