Light Language Light Coding Activation and Healing
A new aspect of the JULIUS collective has stepped forth to bring light language and light recoding healing to you.
The Quaraxians are a group of 7 among the JULIUS collective and Kasey is now channeling them specifically in light language and light coding healing processes.
We are excited to be bringing you a live virtual process from this collective to assist you to release encoded fears you have going on right now wrapped around the current situation on the earth.
This is an opportunity for a powerful group healing session with these beings to re charge your field and create better performance in your original blueprint of Love and Light.

Available in Video and Audio

Here’s what some of our participants had to say about their experience:
I had a wonderful experience on the Light Codes Activation event!
At first, I was preoccupied with tech concerns that might occur (It’s been a challenging week working from home with that, ha!), and every so often a second or two of clocking did happen.  However, as the activation unfolded the word “trust” dropped into my thoughts. As I focused on that word along with “Love and allow” I realized those seconds of clocking were being used for a beneficial reason and relaxed into the experience. As the activation carried me forward, I felt completely balanced and grounded within a light column connected between the earth and heaven. I felt fabulous both physically and energetically.  It probably took me about 5 or 6 minutes of continued meditation after the event ended to feel able to open my eyes and move without toppling over!
I’m so grateful to have this energy supporting me and amplifying the joy in my life!

–Christy B.

* * * * *


Spectacular, magnificent, DEEP, loving, profoundly healing, connective, liberating, gentle but powerful, nurturing and simply glorious! Thank you for sharing your new gift and healing us all! You are incredible!