3- Part Course with 2 lectures and a discussion.

As a vastly mind-opening teaching, this course deepens our knowledge of all that we are in and outside the  physical body. As with all our advanced courses, these teachings need to be listened to a couple of times before you grasp the depth of the knowledge, but the process is intensely rewarding as well as stimulating. There will be more advanced teachings based on this one so get ready for this exhilarating, consciousness-raising ride!

Is it possible for your body to be existing in other dimensions? We know that we are connected to all other configurations but how far can this single configuration go? If you can take this body with you, can it only go to other three-dimensional realms? Are your concurrent lives only three-dimensional? As you change the vibration of your body how many dimensions does your body have access to?

This vital, ground-breaking teaching adds to the thoroughness of your conscious work because the whole spiritual process is incomplete without this information and implementation of this knowledge.

Join Julius in this extraordinary conversation to find out how magnificent you are!

Julius gives deep information known to only a few and it is mind-blowing:

  • The dimensions, realms and seals of consciousness existing within the human body.
  • How realms come into being within the human body.
  • How you clean and clear the dimensional components in your physical body.
  • What happens to your energy frequency bands in the 5th and 6th consciousness seals.
  • Do you have more than one soul in your body?
  • What the so-called multiple personality disorder is all about.
  • The brilliant analogy of the bicycle chain.
  • The one thing that aligns everything within your body.
  • What leads to misalignment in every moment.
  • The powerful component prevents this misalignment.
  • How you can decipher which dimension you are in from time to time.
  • Seemingly enlightened people may actually have a problem here.
  • The good news and the way out for them.
  • The challenge and significance of not remembering your dreams.
  • A clear explanation of how to move forward with emotions.
  • What clogged energy in the body signifies.
  • The unknown factor that actually helps you move through the seals of consciousness.
  • What the dimensions within the body look like.
  • How the chakras are impacted in the seals of consciousness.
  • What is most vital in the moment of Now.
  • How we are as beings in the dimensions outside the body.
  • The perfect example of ghosts.
  • The first thing to decipher in your dreams.
  • What to do when you feel you don’t have dreams or out-of-body experiences.
  • The factors that help you have out-of-body experiences.
  • What presents an obstacle on your conscious journey.
  • When the dimensions change for us.
  • More explicit guidance on your spiritual journey.
  • The deeper truth about nightmares.
  • All the things that contribute to being fine-tuned and experiencing extraordinary dimensions within and outside of the body.
  • Julius gives you the final “ax of wisdom”.

As always, Julius covers exciting, expansive ground with the questions:

  • Detailed explanation of the dimensions within the brain.
  • Why some of us do not remember our dreams.
  • The vortices in our body.
  • More in-depth information about our souls.
  • Why we experience a whole gamut of emotions in a particular instance.
  • How to get rid of the unpredictability, ups/downs, chaos going on within us.
  • The most powerful clearing process for blocks or injuries in all dimensions.
  • How to use what exists around us as aids on our conscious journey.
  • Time and space in the dimensions.
  • The most accurate measurement of dimensions.
  • Trauma in parallel lives, ancestral memory within this context.
  • How low-frequency memories are cleared through R-factoring.
  • Tapping into dimensions to clear injuries – the way out.
  • The reversed truth about seeing and accepting truth.
  • What happens to the 7th seal in the dimensions.

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