This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

Decoding Polarity and the Physical Realm

There is a way to navigate our way through and around polarity without it setting up the huge limitations that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. This is the incredible value of this teaching and it goes a long way to deepening our understanding of this physical plane and how to enjoy our journey here.

Polarity is weaved into almost every Spiritual teaching.  Most would believe it is an absolute, a law, an immovable truth.
What if these are not absolutes?  What if there is more: a higher truth, a higher state?  Though it can be hard to decipher…the polarity limitations we have grown so accepting of.  For what you accept becomes a truth and expanding that truth is the conscious expansive journey.
This conversation invites your open mind, your deep understanding of who we are, and more states of thought than most would delve into.

In the lecture, Julius gives us a deeper understanding on some of the biggest blocks on our conscious journey:

  • The perspective that heightens the impact of polarity
  • What causes us to remain locked in low consciousness
  • What raises us above pain and suffering
  • This one concept prevents you from knowing yourself as God
  • The understanding of polarity in religion and spirituality
  • The truth or judgment of polarity
  • The way to growth and expansion instead of limitation
  • Guidance to parents on showing a deeper understanding to children

In the Q&A, Julius reveals more about polarity and working our way through it:

  • Understanding polarity through the creative process
  • How to choose to be within or above polarity
  • Fabulous insights into raising children
  • A balanced way to let go of regret
  • The various levels to which we expand through polarity
  • Does polarity exist in dimensions and realms?
  • The challenge of infinity, its relation to fear
  • Dealing with collective consciousness on the conscious journey
  • Clearing misconceptions about third-dimensional reality
  • Limitation of preferences in polarity
  • What we gain through dislike and jealousy
  • Sidestepping the cactus of challenging situations
  • How to deal with infidelity
  • Does language change when you change?
  • The soul and the altered ego in the state of victimhood
  • An incredible truth that electrifies you immediately
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