Create. Continuous, flowing, love-based Abundance

As light beings, we are expansive, free and joyful. Our experience here on earth seems to be anything but that. We feel curbed and limited by a lack of wealth, health and love. When we’re not prosperous in all these areas, there is a tremendous sense of limitation, a sense that we are lacking, that we are not free to be and do all that we wish to as creative beings. Somewhere that flow of abundance is more of a trickle or
dammed up by so many factors that it’s hard to even decipher them.

It is these factors that are going to be addressed by Julius in these teachings so that once again there may be fluid manifestation of all that we choose to experience in life.

Module 1

Do Things Really Matter?

This teaching has great significance for our lives because with its crucial insights, it lays the foundation of smooth manifestation. You discover the core essence of how you really manifest and it clears away misconceptions and misunderstandings that have stood in the way of your quick manifestation process.

Some of the extremely helpful insights:

– Understanding why we manifest what we do.
– The factor that binds us and stops manifestation.
– The role of the altered ego in this context.
– What to do if you feel you cannot have the things you want.

Module 2

Setting Intentions for the new year

Julius has often spoken about how powerful focussed thought is or in other words, intention. Intention is that first powerful push you give to your manifestation process. In this fabulous teaching, you discover how to master this initial yet hugely important step of truly effective intention-setting – at any time of the year, month or week.

Discover the finer nuances of this art:

– How to grow the seeds of intentions.
– How to set the ball of manifestation rolling swiftly.
– How to manifest from the moment of Now.
– Examples and analogies to add depth to your understanding.

Modules 3 and 4

How To Create Prosperity In Your Life

In these two modules, Julius gives you the blueprint for manifestation. They not only describe the manifestation process at length, they also give you detailed guidance on how to use this process in your daily life to create all that you desire.

Fulfill your dreams by learning:

– How you begin to doubt your power of creation.
– How to move beyond this and fine-tune your frequency.
– An impressive technique to move out of fear into the magic of new creation.
– A fabulously effective clearing application for your self-empowerment.




Module 5

Advanced Prosperity Applications

This teaching comes with even more guidance on fine-tuning your manifestation process. There are deeper insights into what blocks or allows your manifestation to come to fruition. Become aware of hidden, overlooked factors that ruin your efforts.

Refine your manifestation with this guidance:

– What happens in unconscious manifestation.
– How to eliminate another vital factor that impedes manifestation.
– Unique, powerful techniques and visualizations to turbocharge the creation.
– What the powerful energies of doubt and acceptance do to your process.

Module 6

Redwood Tree Meditation

This meditation is recommended for daily use for a period of 30 days to grow prosperity in your life.

Recreate a magical life! Consciously!