Soaring On The Wings Of Forgiveness

If you are reaching for       limitless forgiveness

you are also reaching for       self-empowerment

and       a higher consciousness.

Because the path to all three is the same.

Teachers have always stated that forgiveness is the ultimate state of consciousness. To forgive is to be released from binding toxic emotions and memories. To forgive is to be free and the highest expression of ourselves.

Forgiveness of others begins with first forgiveness of self.

This is the most complete package to address the matter of forgiveness because it tackles the issue from every aspect of it:

— Why we have experiences that require forgiveness.
— The key components and guidance for true forgiveness.
— How to resolve the trauma often associated with such events
— The complementary parts of loving yourself and forgiveness.
— Moving beyond forgiveness — the highest level.

The release and the freedom comes from some of the most liberating truths that help one to reach unqualified forgiveness. These truths present the bigger picture of all that is happening to us, around us and for us. Julius provides further guidance and daily practices to facilitate the process.

The journey to complete forgiveness of self and others begins with:

A truly inspiring teaching by Julius on some of the most basic truths about our existence here on earth:

Why do we have the experiences that we do?
What are we here to do?
Why are all experiences so important?

The answers to these questions start the process of releasing emotions that bind us into non-forgiveness of self such as guilt, regret, remorse, shame and unworthiness. They further help to dissolve the toxic emotions of hatred, revenge, victim hood, fear of the same thing happening again, despair, which prevent forgiveness of others.

Julius explains one of the highest truths that is sometimes tough to accept but necessary to unshackle us from a low state of consciousness — the limited concept and ultimate judgment of good and evil. This lecture tackles the key component that prevents forgiveness. It is the crucial understandings given here that lead to true, deep healing and empowerment.

This teaching deals with the aspect of trauma that is tied to so much that cannot be forgiven in self or others. Trauma can be caused by a few words or the loss of a loved one through some action and anything in between. It provides in-depth guidance on how to move forward when there is the feeling of being stripped down and exposed, the loss of confidence, betrayal, hurt and pain. One of the most interesting and valuable insights is the role of the soul in traumatic events.

In and by itself, this is an absolutely indispensable teaching for almost everyone in the world. It is the key to resolving most vital issues and challenges in life, including forgiveness of self for all the little or bigger things in yourself which you do not accept. The more you love yourself, the more you forgive yourself and the more you forgive yourself, the more you love yourself. This teaching adds an enduring dimension to healing within.

Additional bonuses of this lecture: Helps you master intentional manifestation. Enables you to create and maintain truly loving relationships in your life.

This lecture delivers the final component for limitless forgiveness. When you think you have forgiven and moved on, there is still one
piece of the jigsaw that is missing, which leaves a residual effect, a scar that still binds you. It remains until you reach the crucial understanding that is this teaching. Then you no longer have to work on constantly raising your frequency and working upon forgiveness each time a memory is triggered. Unlimited forgiveness is yours, self-empowerment is yours and you are of a continual higher frequency.


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Redwood Meditation

A most unusual and powerful guided meditation to facilitate your ascension process. Use it also to stay centered amidst all the fear-based distractions of the world.

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Love Yourself

This audio clip gives you the true measure of all that you are as Source.

Forgiveness of self and others is the magic solution that dissolves the glue, which keeps highly toxic emotions, thoughts and memories embedded in you. It is your commitment to love and light. Give yourself the permission to fly high on the wings of forgiveness and be the highest demonstration of your authentic self.