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Channeled Solutions from a Multi-Dimensional Intelligence that are Proven to Help You:
STOP feeling stressed, exhausted & victimized by your thoughts.
START living life as an Enlightened Being who cannot fail!

Bringing information to the masses is Brad and Kasey’s journey this time around. Their expertise is in allowing others to know what their journey is about and how to become the highest version of themselves. No EXCUSES; it's not necessary to live in scarcity or struggle with lack and need.

You're invited to engage with these enlightened beings and their powerful teachings. Experience any of the live or recorded discussions where you can ask the question "Why?” and receive an empowering perspective for inspired action.

Attend Our Live Class for December 
How to Tell if Something is True

Dec 16th & 17th

How do you know what the truth is? Is there more than one truth? Is there an ultimate truth?

Join Julius for this integrative teaching to help you connect with your truth. 

Learn how to strengthen your ability to feel your truth and never again wonder if something is true or not.

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End of Year Special Offer

This is an amazing End of Year special we're offering for a limited time...

Receive a 30 minute private session with JULIUS plus BOTH December classes for less than the regular cost of a reading.

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End of Year Special Offer 
7 Seals of Consciousness

Access our replay archive and benefit from previously recorded classes that are timeless. Each time you engage with these teachings you reinforce your freedom at a new level.

View Audio Archive >

"Never in my life have I received such life changing information from such amazing teachers. Thank you for showing the way to attaining such peerless enlightenment and for bringing such great truths of the Universal Cosmos down to the level of human understanding. Every class is like discovering a whole new world of endless possibilities. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the true meaning and purpose of life. But mostly, thank you for giving me what was missing in my life...the truth!" ~ Linda Brennan

Fast Tracking Yourself to Enlightenment

Each Month JULIUS offers one of a kind 2- or 3-part classes on topics that stimulate your imagination, ground your experience and assist you in creating abundance in the frequency of your choosing.

Current LIVE classes with Kasey, Brad & JULIUS >

Personal Readings with Kasey

We offer personal readings to help you gain a glimpse of your true purpose. With the help of your own network of spirits and ours, we help you clear away the emotional blocks that may be holding you back.

Purchase a Reading with JULIUS >

KaseyBrad Products

Learn from a consciousness that is Out of this World in our paperback books that have been a popular seller among JULIUS fans. The information brought forth in these books is uniquely delivered in a way that will open your perception to a new reality.

View our selection of paperback books >


Kasey & Brad Wallis are conduits for an advanced group intelligence, known as JULIUS, who offer messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity.

Listen to an example teaching and invocation offered by JULIUS. More importantly, apply this wisdom to your life and watch what happens.

Are you ready for "AHA" breakthroughs? All of our products deliver this effect.

Previously recorded programs available as MP3 downloads, Click Here to access the archives...

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We host a Free call at the end of each month, previewing what's coming up for the following month.
Please join us for our December Free call:
Date & Time: Saturday, Nov 29th at 5pm PT| 6pm MT| 8pm ET| 1am GMT
Attend by Phone: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/
Guest pin code: 731173# 

"Finally a teaching that rings tears of truth. I have been struggling my whole life to be understood and to be able to express who I believe I am. JULIUS speaks to me with a vibration that illuminates my soul. Thank you so very much for delivering this profound truth". ~ Arlene - Denver, CO

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