This package includes 5 teachings in 6 modules:

Teaching #1 – The Creative Process
• The fascinating creative process through which all comes into
existence, including us and this earth plane.
• The true nature of our being as light.
• Why we chose existence on this earth plane.
• Why Julius calls us ‘Masters’.

Teaching #2 – The Consciousness Seals
• Clear descriptions of each of the stages of consciousness leading to
• A deeper understanding of how the first 3 seals are fear-based and
the higher 3 seals are love-based.
• How and why the 4 th seal is the bridge between these two states of
being and how to cross it. Why it creates the shift in perspective from
being a human being to knowing that we are light beings.

Teaching #3 – The 7 Frequency Bands – 2 Modules
• Why your life doesn’t improve even if you want it to.
• How to become a master at attracting what you want and repelling
what you do not.
• How to withstand the massive influence of a fear-based collective

Teaching #4 – When You Love Yourself Completely
How and why most people do not love themselves completely.
• Where thoughts of not being worthy and being less than come from.
• The magic of loving yourself completely and its wonderful far-reaching effects.

Teaching #5 – Living in the Now
• The Now and the I Am factors.
• How to raise your skill at living in the Now.
• How to manifest what was earlier considered ‘impossible’.