Living in the Now has always been a difficult practice for most human beings. The present is usually clouded and affected by pain, trauma or stress from the past and/or concern and worry about the future.  What does this have to do with our chakras? Everything.


We support that a chakra is an energy vortex where emotional components get housed in the body or stuck in the body and they manifest themselves into physical ailments in that area.” ~ Julius




  • Why working with the 7 known Chakras isn’t providing the results you are looking for.
  • Why people have health issues on the right and left side of the body.
  • How masculine and feminine energies play a role here.
  • Why the clearing and cleansing of 14 additional Chakras that have remained unknown through the ages is so critical.



Your body has a most accurate mapping system to show you where your emotional blocks lie – your chakras. This 21-chakra package is a complete guide on these essential chakras, their colors, the issues that cause blockages in each of these chakra points. There are also powerful, effective applications to cleanse and clear these chakras as well as detailed information on how to maintain this state.


If you are an energy healer,

this detailed information will take your practice to the next level!

Help yourself, clients, friends and family to move beyond the limitations of past programming and access a life of infinite possibilities.’ Opened a Portal to Advanced Downloads on Human Potential”


This package includes 3 MP3 modules and one Q&A MP3 for immediate download – unlimited replays to access the information at any time and any place!




In this first module, Julius offers new and vital information on Past, Present and Future Dimensional locations in the body. It is ancient knowledge unveiled to take you to your empowerment.

Topics that are covered in detail include:

  • Where and how ancient Chakra teachings came to be known.
  • The sacred triad that human existence is based upon.
  • The issues and concerns that block the other 14 chakras.
  • The role of feminine and masculine energy in the chakras.
  • This module includes a clearing application to eliminate judgment and open you to creativity and allowance




This second module covers how you got to where you are now and how to return to a state of joy & bliss.

Topics that are covered in detail include:

  • A powerful meditation for the open-minded state.


  • Knowing ourselves as light beings and how we lost that knowing.


  • How Chakras become blocked and the body starts breaking down.


  • What constitutes a complete and effective clearing of Chakras and how to keep them clear continually.


  • A clearing application for all the Chakras.




This third module in the series helps you understand how you create your reality and how this relates to the 21 dimensions.

These specific topics and more are discussed:

  • How to know which dimension you are living in and what keeps you bound to certain experiences.
  • How to dissolve emotional scars.
  • An unveiling of the secrets of how life unfolds for most human beings.
  • How to create a new, totally fulfilling reality for yourself.
  • An empowering meditation that incorporates many elements, affirmations, images to make you refined, renewed, clear and in a high love-based frequency.


Q&A Module


Much of what is shared in these teachings has never been heard before and it may challenge your existing perspectives.

For this reason, we have included access to a recording of a Q&A session that was done to answer questions by students.

Listen to Julius respond to these questions and gain an even deeper understanding of the material.