This product is the audio replay from a live event in Salt Lake City. There are 2 downloadable audio modules included.

This very crucial, pivotal teaching is literally a “call to action” from Julius to all humans on earth who wish to see and manifest a better world for all its inhabitants, for the earth itself, for not only themselves but future generations. In this current time in our history, there once again exists a huge possibility to initiate and sustain a very love-based new era of abundance, joy and creativity for all. Each one of us is a spiritual warrior who incarnated at this time to make it happen. So let’s get on with it!

There are so many possibilities with timelines that it is challenging for humans to comprehend this extensive topic. Yet this workshop will clarify the most important aspects of what is happening right now in our world.

Are timelines being manipulated? Can we stop this manipulation?

Can we choose to move from one timeline to another?

During this live event, Julius shares stunning information on timeline shifts and changes we have likely been unaware of – until now.  This is not information you’re likely to find anywhere else!

Some humans have had technology and knowledge about timelines that affects all of us, and it has not been shared with the masses.  It has been used in an attempt to benefit a few, but not all.  Julius shares what we can do to take back our power as source, and create our experiences for ourselves.

Module 1:
– A fascinating brief about Julius
– Why amnesia about other lifetimes was designed to take place
– The massive significance of this current lifetime
– What a realm is and when it got activated on this earth
– What we were before language
– The working of the main enslavement factor in this world
– Difference between timelines and lifetimes
– A big lightbulb moment – if you don’t die, what do you do?
– The one thing that determines bumps in timelines or consistency in one timeline
– Why our consciousness has not moved much from lifetime to lifetime
– What molecular colliders do to a timeline
– Fascinating insights into Looking Glass technology
– What happens to people you know in a timeline shift
– When, why and how timelines have been shifted in very recent times
– An interesting parallel to Lemurian times
– What is happening right now – very crucial information
– The all-important do’s and don’ts for making the love-based future possible
– When we jump timelines and when we come back
– Vital information on the three possible timelines existing right now

Module 2:
– A huge Aha moment about ‘walk-ins”
– We all timeline jump at this particular time
– The sheer importance of knowing
– Shocking insights into cloning
– How to deal with the exposure of lies in every field of life
– How the frequency of a possible timeline is ascertained
– Where the glitch in the manipulation of timelines lies
– The one factor that stops manipulation
– How each of us contribute to the timeline we are in
– What the conscious journey is and mastery on it
– How to get on the timeline you desire
– How we stabilise the timeline we wish for
– The incredible practice of soul jumping in detail
– The highest truth about soul mates and twin flames
– A beautiful sound bath to cleanse, inspire and evoke joy in participants

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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