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Your Divine Uniqueness – Season 5

By January 10, 2016 July 4th, 2016 No Comments

YDU-season5_8.speakers bannerTuesday 12th January 2016.

Listen to our discussion with Moncef AFKIR of Your Divine Uniqueness for more information about…

The Secret To Healing Your Body…Your Hormones & Glands.

Use this ground-breaking information from Julius to make your body the vibrant, youthful and resilient embodiment that it was meant to be and CAN be.

If you are looking for vibrant health, vitality, rejuvenation and stopping the aging process, you need look no further!

Julius maintains that the optimal flow of hormones is of primary importance in the smooth running and healing of the body and that the organs are of secondary importance. In fact, diseased organs get a new lease of life when there is fluid hormonal flow.

This incredible package provides all the answers that even science is not fully aware of – learn how to facilitate optimum hormonal flow and you will never have to worry about ill-health, aging and all its limitations.

You will be living with a youthful and energetically balanced body. The solution is breathtakingly simple once you understand the power of your thoughts, especially your subconscious thoughts. And you learn exactly how these thoughts exert a detrimental or beneficial impact on your body.

Discover How to Change Your Subconscious Thoughts and Activate Hormonal Flow in Your Body for Healing.

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