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Why Feeling Your Emotions Is Important

By January 15, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

emotions-eruptEmotions Are Your Soul Crying Out To Be Experienced…

As you consciously work towards a higher state of consciousness, you may keep getting caught up in fear-based emotions. Knowing that they are of a low vibration, you suppress, stifle or ignore them because you want to remain in a high vibration.

Yet when you do not allow an emotion to be felt, it is like a volcano waiting to erupt because an emotion is coming from your soul.

It is your soul crying out to be experienced and to be expanded through.

Not giving your emotions any credence whatsoever is damaging not only to your body, but to you, your soul and those you interact with.

healed-earthLearn To Be Masterful With Your Emotions…

Allow Julius to guide you through the welter of emotions, learn how to manage them, and expand at the same time.

Be compassionate towards yourself and move smoothly and surely towards freedom, balance and joy!

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