Video Rentals

Watch Kasey and Brad’s lectures from past courses and events. Check back here often as we roll out new video rentals every other week. Rentals are between 24-48 hours of availability once rented. Each hour is only $5.99.

This 2-part course is the phenomenal teaching to help you discover the god within. With its many Aha moments, it holds the promise of profound transformation. It is about you and you as the All.

This video rental course comes from a powerful summit package and replay course. Conquer one of the most common subconscious processes on this planet – unworthiness and shame. Heal your mind, body and soul through effective applications given in this program. Reconnect with your inner child and authentic self.

In this 8-part event, Julius shares empowering messages for current times.

This is a 2-part teaching that many will want to revisit when it comes to helping their loved ones transition peacefully.

In this 4-part event, Julius talks about the creative process, the purpose of souls on this realm and how to raise your consciousness.

This is a Foundation Class
There are 7 energy frequency bands surrounding your physical embodiment. You are walking around projecting an energy. Depending on the frequency, or activation of, your frequency bands, you attract different people, places, things and opportunities into your life.