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This is Your Journey

By February 26, 2016 March 18th, 2016 No Comments

Part of the reason that we’re doing these courses is so many people are constantly looking for something outside themselves. They don’t believe that what they do is what creates everything that’s going on around them. We go into great detail in our courses about how angels work in your life, how vortices are created and work, and how to properly use and clean crystals. We show you what crystals really are used for to magnify you as a creative being in this realm. What people don’t understand is just how powerful they really are. Our courses assist you in understand the outside influences available to you for your use.crystal-162608_1920

Julius informed us that crystals hold consciousness. They are encapsulated forms of consciousness. Their colors and vibrations correlate with different seals of consciousness and energy frequency bands. By using them in alignment with your seal of consciousness or frequency band, you not only clear thoughts that are blocking you but also enhance and refine the thought process in order to expand you. Julius provides that type of information. It’s fascinating! Crystals are vortexes. You are a vortex!

You Are a Vortex

Sounds crazy, right? You are a vortex and everything is accessible to you from within. Let’s go a little deeper. In creating this realm, we created all these beautiful essences to remind us of who we are. Because we went through such a severe amnesic state when we came back to this realm that we certainly wanted to leave ourselves clues. The popcorn trail back to knowing our inner power.

It’s hard for people when they’re depressed and suffering, when they don’t have money in the bank, or when they can’t find love; it’s really difficult for people to understand how powerful they are. The hardest thing for those people is to access inside of themselves, because really… they have lost themselves. So we have these beautiful things around us that give you back your knowing. When these things flow with you and match with you, they help wake you up and bring you back! And actually ultimately expand you into your highest version of yourself!2967211830_c2d431f9fa_o

It’s beautiful! Beautiful gifts! Beautiful knowings packaged in such a beautiful way! Are they not?! For just look upon a crystal. You can never see all of the aspects of it. You cannot understand the molecular structures of it fully. You cannot understand the deep composition of it. For you do not need to have understanding for as much as you have to have connection. Connection, fulfillment, joy, and bliss. Their irresistible! And as you hold them, you embrace them, and you connect with them. You then grow from within. Their pulling you out! You have grand invitation from Source of being who you are. Beautiful gifts sitting there with open invitation for you to know yourself fully! They never falter and never leave. Use the gifts that you continue to bring to yourself!

This is our gift back to you! Just using the gifts that you have. Using the gifts that you left for yourself. Using the gifts that you continue to bring forth yourself and then accessing all of your own possibilities through demonstration. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY!