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Create Empowering Experiences In Life

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avoid-tripping-over-400wAvoid Tripping Over Your Emotions.

Ignoring your emotions does not lead to an empowered and creative experience of life.

waterfall-freeLearn A Better Way To Use Your Emotions.

Julius will have an in depth discussion about your emotions, and we will show you how to master them to create a more empowered and creative experience of life.

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How To Literally Feel Like An Enlightened Master

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disappointmentControlling Your Emotions Is Like Taking The Wrong Turn!..

..and will lead to aging, disease, a sense of dissatisfaction, and lack of fulfilment in life.

…because you are not allowing the soul to experience every facet of life.

hugging-loveA More Loving And Enjoyable Approach…

…We will show you a better way to experience all the different types of emotions.

Our 3 module class on Feeling Your Emotions Safely will give you not only an extremely effective and enjoyable process to help you with your emotions, it will provide great insights and loving, in-depth guidance from Julius.

The 3 modules of the class:

> A prior meditation for converting disruptive emotions.
> A live lecture with a deep discussion.
> A Live Q&A for you to ask your questions.

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About Feeling Anger Or Sadness Without Discomfort.

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mask-anger-emotionIs It Okay To Feel Anger Or Sadness On Your Conscious Journey?

Do we allow our emotions to come through and not bury or stifle them, but honor and experience them?

Julius asks you to allow the experience of emotions…

…But how can you experience them without causing turbulence in yourself, your relationships or your interactions with others?

love-emotionsWhen you stop judging certain emotions as bad, unacceptable or wrong, you are well on your way to resolution in this aspect of your being.

Take The Next Step Of Safely Feeling Your Emotions…

Our powerful class, Feeling Your Emotions Safely, brings enormous relief and freedom in the fascinating world of emotions.

You learn how to align with your soul – the buoyant, joyful, creative you that you have forgotten exists within you.

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Why Feeling Your Emotions Is Important

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emotions-eruptEmotions Are Your Soul Crying Out To Be Experienced…

As you consciously work towards a higher state of consciousness, you may keep getting caught up in fear-based emotions. Knowing that they are of a low vibration, you suppress, stifle or ignore them because you want to remain in a high vibration.

Yet when you do not allow an emotion to be felt, it is like a volcano waiting to erupt because an emotion is coming from your soul.

It is your soul crying out to be experienced and to be expanded through.

Not giving your emotions any credence whatsoever is damaging not only to your body, but to you, your soul and those you interact with.

healed-earthLearn To Be Masterful With Your Emotions…

Allow Julius to guide you through the welter of emotions, learn how to manage them, and expand at the same time.

Be compassionate towards yourself and move smoothly and surely towards freedom, balance and joy!

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