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Step. Into the magnificence of your true being!

Kasey and Brad give you a package of fabulous teachings. You get the foundation teachings of Julius that empower you. Raise your vibration like a rocket and open up to all possibilities around you. Step into your true being.

Module 1

The Creative Process

The Creative Process, as explained by Julius, is the first crucial stepping stone to understanding all that we are and why we are on this physical plane. It sets the stage for more advanced knowledge and growth because it gives us enormous clarity about the truth of our being. It is this clarity that we will often reference on our conscious journey through the stages of our evolution.

You discover:

  • The fascinating creative process through which all comes into existence, including us and this earth plane.
  • The true nature of our being as light.
  • Why we chose existence on this earth plane.
  • Why Julius calls us ‘Masters’.



Module 2

The Consciousness Seals

This foundation teaching by Julius is the roadmap to higher states of consciousness. It clearly explains and describes the 7 stages and phases of consciousness that we go through in our journey back to knowing that we are Source. This teaching has been given to help us identify exactly where we are in our process of spiritual evolution and how to move on. When we do not know which stage or phase of consciousness we are in, it’s very difficult to fathom what is holding us back and why we aren’t able  to move forward, despite all our efforts.

This amazingly clear roadmap includes:

  • Clear descriptions of each of the stages of consciousness leading to ascension.
  • A deeper understanding of how the first 3 seals are fear-based and the higher 3 seals are love-based.
  • How and why the 4th seal is the bridge between these two states of being and how to cross it. Why it creates the shift in perspective from being a human being to knowing that we are light beings.

Module 3

The 7 Frequency Bands

Consciousness and energy act in tandem to create our lives. These 7 frequency bands correspond to the 7 consciousness seals. The frequency you emit is the key factor in attracting or repelling all that may or may not be conducive to your spiritual growth. The insights in this invaluable teaching help you understand how events, circumstances, relationships keep repeating themselves even when you want to move beyond them. It is this understanding that will assist you greatly in making fulfilling changes in yourself, your life and your ascension process.

You move forward when you know:

  • Why your life doesn’t improve even if you want it to.
  • How to become a master at attracting what you want and repelling what you do not.
  • How to withstand the massive influence of a fear-based collective consciousness.



Module 4

Accepting Yourself As Source

To accept oneself as Source is one of the most difficult truths for human beings to accept because they have moved so far away from the knowing of this truth. Every human being will come to the acceptance of this truth in their journey through consciousness. To know it now is to move into joy, fulfilment and peace. To not know it is to live in limitation and fear.

As one of the most detailed, clear teachings on the magnificence of you, you discover:

  • A detailed explanation of what Source is.
  • The fool-proof way you recognize that you are Source.
  • Helpful and extremely effective visualizations, games and practices.

Module 5

Living In The Now

How does Source live in this world? By living in the Now. It is one of the most powerful, magical building blocks of a conscious life. Living in the now is the quickest way to move past fear, all subconscious and limiting blocks that sabotage all our efforts to live at a higher octave of life and consciousness.

Julius leads us back to a forgotten state of being and living by explaining:

  • The Now and the I Am factors.
  • How to raise your skill at living in the Now.
  • How to manifest what was earlier considered ‘impossible’.


“May all of you be in the knowing of how powerful you are. May you see yourselves as the gods that you are, in the same way that we see you.” ~ Julius

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