Star Trek and Altruism

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To selflessly exchange with others to benefit the all.

This is the quintessential star trek situation. We want to give you a comparable. Here’s the tangible comparable. Almost everyone has watched at least a few episodes or seen one of the movies of the Star Trek series phenomenon. In that series, the captain of the enterprise and all the beings they come into contact with are always speaking about the time they live in. There’s no money in their time. Money is long gone by the way side. Now everybody works together for the massive benefit of the human race and all other races. So there’s no separation of economic class anymore. There’s no poverty anymore. There’s just this energy of creative flow.

Humans will say,

“That will never happen.”

And Julius says,

“Absolutely could and has happened on many, many planets and many, many types of existences once everybody collectively and joyously joins the altruistic approach.”

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One Comment

  • Joan Campagna says:

    everything is possible – I feel that we are already in some kind of shift in that direction, although I wouldn’t have thought to call it altruism – as I felt my own resistance to that word I realized that I associate altruism as the sacrifice of myself and my self-interests – the way you are describing altruism however, feels more like a choice for cooperative living which benefits all and that feels good to me – there is no self-sacrifice, there is only love thy neighbor as you love thyself… what I have found in my own line of work (psychotherapy) is that love of self is so alien to most, even if the say they do love themselves – first and second seal of consciousness is running everything – but I find that the gently and persistent bringing them back to the ‘concept’ as we work through their pain brings the desired result when they actually get a moment in that feeling place of self-love… I guess describing altruism in a way that addresses the misconception of self-sacrifice would be more palatable ??? I think it’s exciting to be opening that door… Blessings, Joan
    p.s. I love the teachings of Julius, which are always blowing my mind – so, thank you KBJ for your generosity/altruism

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