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Soul Talk with Patty Malek July 2016

By July 21, 2016 No Comments

Let’s Talk…Soul to Soul

Soul Talk – an event that could transform your world!

Why not take a moment out of your beautifully full life and discover answers to important questions, feel renewed passion and joy, and be embraced by a supportive community?  You will be given tools and guided through your own personal spiritual exploration into a place of great change and realization.  Join us on a special journey that will deeply nourish your soul!

Soul Talk is a gathering of some of the most cutting edge transformation workers, intuitives, thought leaders and healers in our time, and I love that I can contribute to the gathering on Tuesday July 26.

I invite you to come and explore some new experiences and possibilities about living daily life in a more aligned and peaceful way…I hope you will join us as we talk about The Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships.  

Go here to register at no cost, to get access plus the replay, and incredible energy activations from energy workers from all over the world. 

Patty is passionate about bringing the world  the tools and information you need to transform your life.  To live the life you dream of.  To live the life you came here to live.
Click here to let the magic begin. 


I’ll see you there!