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Scott Ware – The Radiance Channel

Here is my introduction to The Radiance Channel:

“I want a mentor or a guide on my spiritual journey…” are the words on our lips before we even know we want to express them. But once we start to understand the larger meaning of life, we have a deep desire to explore what it is to thrive and pursue our highest joy. The Radiance Channel introduces you to those guides and mentors who can help you take new steps on your soul journey or introduce you to new modalities or cutting-edge natural wellness products. The Editor of Radiance Magazine, Scott Warem interviews people who want to make the world a better place through healing and empowering us to be our best selves.

The Radiance Channel illuminates the best and brightest of holistic and spiritual practitioners from Radiance Magazine ( If you’re on your soul path and want to take new, fresh steps, get the assistance of those who have walked that path through articles, classes, coaching and online workshops. Experience their video interviews like they ware you

Scott Ware is the President of Radiance Multidimensional Media (The Radiance Channel, Radiance Magazine, and substitute co-host on Awakening Code Radio on KX 93.5. Raised Catholic, he explored Buddhism, did volunteer work at an Indian ashram in SoCal and has embraced Oneness. His greatest desire is that everyone know how powerful they are and how much freedom they have to create the life they want and pursue their highest joy. Through Radiance, he enjoys connecting people to teachers, spiritual practitioners and holistic healers who assist people in taking new steps on their soul journey. He has three lovely children and enjoys being in nature, creating spiritual community, working with the healing properties of plant medicine and writing fun poetry and spiritual fiction that seeks to inspire all of the above.

Scott Ware is the publisher and editor of Radiance Magazine (, Southern California’s largest spiritual wellness magazine at over 660 locations in print as well as online, and he runs The Radiance Channel on the Xpnsion Network on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. Radiance illuminates visionary cutting-edge wellness products and services of holistic and spiritual practitioners who assist us in the healing and expansion of our mind-body-spirit connection, our wellbeing, our very consciousness, to encourage us on our soul path to know ourselves authentically to create the world we truly want.

Scott Ware is the publisher and editor of Radiance Multidimensional Media that, in addition to providing inspirational video content, puts out an actual print magazine at 660 locations in Southern California (and online at that highlights holistic practitioners and yes, even some woo-woo folks who read energy and do Reiki, etc. What they have in common is the desire the assist people on their life path to living the best one possible while achieving lasting peace.

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