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Reacting With Conscious Intelligence, And Not Kneejerk Actions.

By January 5, 2016 February 9th, 2016 No Comments

react-amuletHow And What To React To…

…To Better Touch Your Own Experience Of Life, And That Of Others’.

There’s quite a lot of deciphering to be done in this reality because there is so much around us as far conscious and unconscious energy demonstration goes.

You can choose intelligently and wisely, or you can, quite frankly, react more out of ignorance and reckless behavior, and these things, of course, not only touch your own self, but the lives of everyone that you are around, and again it can cause kneejerk re-activity in every aspect of your life, really.

conscious-creationThe Polarity Of Creations.

We go more into choosing how to decipher between conscious and unconscious creations, and choosing how to react to the reality around you.

Join us in our Class, Reckless Behavior Versus Intelligent Behavior.

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