In this groundbreaking 3-part teaching, you learn that you actually have TEN senses. There are the 5 commonly known senses that are experienced physically. What is generally not known is the 5 senses as experienced by and through the soul.

This is BRAND NEW subject matter, you will learn about the clues you set up in your own body to remind you that you are Source. It is a part of the “mapping system” you laid for yourself to lead you to remembrance.

This teaching gives you the means to live life on an expansive, fascinating level. Every human being has the ability to be intuitive, psychic, insightful. And this information will aid you in activating your soul’s senses.

Julius gives you a clear explanation of your inner senses, the senses of your soul. To help you refine these senses, there are many detailed yet simple practices, meditations and practices.

As you follow the expert guidance given by Julius to refine your soul’s senses, be prepared to live in the magical world that these inner senses open up for you.

Julius helps you discover the deeper you:

  • The external and internal senses.
  • What each set of senses to.
  • The sixth sense – all have it.
  • The role emotions play.
  • In-depth explanations of all your inner senses.
  • Practices and exercises to develop and refine the senses of the soul.
  • Which your most active inner sense is.
  • A powerful practice to know yourself as you really are.
  • What triggers the inner senses.
  • Your sense of smell in dreams.
  • Why fine dining triggers satisfaction.
  • The role of touch in knowing and in healing another.
  • About your body’s response to your emotions.
  • Refining all your inner senses to have a fuller experience.
  • Using your inner senses in disease.

More interesting insights:

  • Insight into cause of migraines and itching.
  • A technique to ‘see’ the auric field.
  • The emotions influenced by the altered ego.
  • About low and high vibration emotions.
  • Difference between psychic and intuitive.
  • Communicating with animals, even wild ones.
  • How emotions are healed.
  • A game for feeling.
  • Recognizing the tone of your soul.

So let’s get started and ready to come to your senses through your soul and thereby being able to know yourself as a soul being or a light being, which truly will activate all of your possibilities and aid you expeditedly through your enlightenment process that you all desire.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

Supporting Workshops:

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