This healing and empowering teaching is on navigating your way forward from traumatic events that affect your physical body, emotional self and altered thought process. It will help you dissolve the binding effects of judgment and victimhood and move into the expansive, liberating space of self-empowerment.

You CAN overcome situations and perceptions to get beyond denial and all that blocks acceptance and expansion.

This class will help you or someone you love and support to move past situations that have changed your/their life in difficult and resistant ways. It is a course that is appropriate for anyone suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

With infinite compassion, Julius explains:

  • The element of being blindsided.
  • Accident and coincidence.
  • The most binding aspect of a traumatic event.
  • The snowballing effect of the trauma on other aspects of life.
  • How to release the binding effects of trauma.
  • The all-important role of the soul in a traumatic event.
  • How to come to your self-empowerment.
  • What is an illusion?
  • A fabulous and helpful white room theory.
  • An example of an extraordinarily compassionate woman.
  • Brad’s incredible journey past trauma into self-empowerment.
  • Those that do, and those that don’t.

And more valuable insights on:

  • Living in the Now.
  • The central role of judgment in the healing.
  • The mind-boggling synchronicity of an event, big or small.
  • Victimhood and human beings.
  • Letting go of a traumatic childhood.
  • The rippling effect of non-judgment on parallel lives.
  • A better way than getting over an experience.
  • The antidotes to fear.
  • Solutions to chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.
  • Aspect of healing parallel lives.

If you have experienced trauma, your soul has catapulted itself into an opportunity of actualized knowing. That’s what that is.” ~ Julius

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