When Did Noah Exist?



This course originally sold for $89. It has been reduced to $39.

If you have ever wanted to know more about this most interesting figure in our history, when he truly existed, what he was trying to accomplish and the great flood, you will find the information in this 2-part teaching riveting.

This platform has been used by Julius to support you in the knowing that you are Source, to negate the separation that ensued from the embedded knowing that others were more worthy and more enlightened.

Important note: The intention of this topic is not to contradict the Bible. However, if you are not open to hearing any information that does not align with the Christian Bible, this class is probably not for you.

Take another step towards self-empowerment:

  • About the lack of records of some previous civilizations.
  • About the conflict between science and spirituality.
  • Interesting facts about Atlanteans and Lemurians.
  • Life and conditions on earth at that time.
  • Who was Noah, and what was his position?
  • Why he built his ship.
  • The look of his ship.
  • The reason he had animals on board.

This story has so much to teach:

  • About perceptions of righteous and unworthy men.
  • Refocus on the knowing about being Source.
  • About others and you.
  • Prophetic dreams and frequency.
  • About spiritual growth since Noah’s time.
  • About the creation and destruction of Atlantis.
  • About manipulation of the atmosphere.
  • What role technology has and does play for humans.
  • Why humans and earth?
  • About the time when Jesus walked on earth.
  • About the truth over the ages.
  • The difference between soul and spirit.
  • About the Pleiadian genetic influence in human beings today?

What this story tells is the innate possibility for ongoingness or existence or survival, if you will.” ~ Julius

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