This course originally sold for $89.  It has been reduced to $39.

This powerful teaching brings healing and a broader perspective that will help you work through loss and difficult situations that seem to ‘happen’ to you, and to the ones you love most.

Standing by and watching “accidents”, “lives cut short”, and “pain and suffering” can alter our knowing about who and what Source, or God, is.

For some, this may be a difficult teaching to accept, yet an open-minded approach will allow all to understand the truth of this teaching, as Julius lovingly guides us through this higher wisdom. It is a truth that will heal you, expand you and set you free.

Julius explains:

  • How the concepts of good and bad were used.
  • Clarification about the concept of death.
  • What polarities such as good and bad are.
  • Why a person is violent.
  • About the energy of thought and action.
  • About collective, creative thought consciousness and resulting actions or events.
  • About the soul’s agreement to an experience.
  • About accidents and natural disasters.
  • Why people die as a human being when they do.
  • About judgment, anger and revenge.
  • What Karma is.
  • When you become empowered.

Other significant information:

  • A story of a soul and other souls.
  • When is something complete?
  • Consciousness teachings and those in fear.
  • What happens to people when they die.
  • Who or what determines when to leave.
  • How to shift the energy of a tragedy.
  • About the pool of thought.
  • When does an addict stop being one?
  • When does healing take place?
  • About judgment and a helpful application.

If you only knew and had experience that you categorize as good, you would never know Source as the All.” ~ Julius


There are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and can support this course. The other courses are not essential and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

Supporting Courses:

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.