This was a live event that is now in replay with video and audio modules.
At this extra ordinary event, Julius unveiled fascinating new information on the use of Crystals on your conscious journey.   Julius wants to create a new paradigm of information relating to crystals.
If you want to know more about crystals, how they assist you in your life, and how they help to create the ascension process, this Invaluable information is for you. It also includes two amazing and beautiful processes for you to enjoy and absorb.
Julius will explain new perspectives of:
    • what these crystals can do,
    • how to use them,
    • how to get them aligned with your energy field
    • how to read them,
    • and of course the relationship we have with the crystals.

In the 2 modules of more than 2 hours, Julius discloses astounding information to make crystals a part of our conscious journey:

– Uncommon information about crystals, why they are here, who put them here
– Fascinating information about the quartz crystal
– A deep understanding of ourselves & our connection to crystals
– Does crystalline energy exist in your body?
– A glimpse into the infinite power of crystals
– Why science has trouble measuring the energy field of crystals
– Fascinating ways crystals were used in the past
– How you can come to know more about crystals than is written about
– Understanding the profound, intriguing aspects of crystals
– How to take care of crystals
– The powerful message the crystals gave the audience through Julius
– The significance of your energy frequency bands and levels of consciousness when using crystals
– How to use crystals on your conscious journey
– The play of elements in crystals including metals
– The sounds of crystals
– Understanding the communication from crystals
– A beautiful process with light coding and crystal sounds
– Followed by another amazing process for the heart space, field of knowing and kundalini energy
– A clear explanation of kundalini energy and Akashic records
– An detailed, extraordinary practice for interacting with crystals
– Using the help of crystals for someone in trouble
– Using crystals to help children undergoing treatment
– How to hear the sound and sense the temperature of the crystal
– Phenomenal guidance on how to use crystals for healing

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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