Stepping further into the year, we look forward to taking ourselves to the next level of
mastery, to making this year so much more in terms of happiness, health and wealth.
The most potent way to do that is to let the soul express itself, the most powerful force of
love, joy and light. This tremendously uplifting package not only takes you further into
knowing yourself as a light being, it also greatly enhances your life in countless ways that
may be unimaginable to you right now. Know yourself beyond the physical and make your
experience here on earth totally fulfilling.

Modules 1 and 2 – Your Sensory System Expanded

This ground-breaking teaching reveals to you fascinating information and guidance on how
to tap into TEN, not just the 5 senses, that you have hidden within you and to use them to
bring in many satisfying changes in your enjoyment of life. They are an indispensable part of
the ‘mapping system’ you created for yourself to lead you back to the knowing that you are

You discover the hidden depths of your being:

– In-depth explanation of the senses of your soul.
– Practices and exercises to develop and refine these senses.
– How refining them enables you to have immensely fulfilling experiences.
– Using your inner senses in disease and healing others.

Module 3 – Expanding Your Intuition

Being intuitive is an in-built ability of all human beings. Some have developed it to the
degree that it helps them make fabulous choices and get guidance in the situations of life.
However, there are many who cannot call it up at will, especially when they need it the
most. This remarkable teaching gives you invaluable guidance on how to access and
enhance your intuitive abilities.

How to let this magnificent ability be a faithful compass in your life:

– Knowing the resistance within you to intuition.
– Enormously effective practices and fun games to greatly refine your ability.
– Using intuition in your day-to- day life.
– How and when to request increased intuition.

Module 4 – The Significance of Runners

What are runners? Why are they so significant? Learn more about these gifts you sent
yourself. When you become aware of how they show up in your life, you access the gift in
each of them to greatly enhance your life and more importantly, your perspective from
which you are creating your life all the time.

Access the full potential of your gifts:

– How to recognize runners.
– How runners provide you with opportunities.
– The way runners help with your awakening process.
– How you are a runner for others.

Let all your gifts be truly known!