This is a 3 part class with two teachings and one discussion.

Deep healing is a task for most to do for themselves.  Thru guidance, information, understanding, you can achieve the deepest healing of self.
But in order to be authentically healed and not just temporarily covered up, you must be fully transparent in the process.
Julius brings enlightenment to this subject so you can get yourselves into the proper energy fields for self healing.
Humans generally don’t know what it is to be transparent.  Their identities are wrapped in the altered ego and for one to understand who they authentically are, they must dissolve away most of who they identify with as themselves.
This is an advanced course for healers, lightworkers, and anyone ready to do deep inner works.


In the first two modules, Julius gives deep insights into this topic:

– Julius’ definition of transparency
– The root cause of all disease
– What transparency is in you and your life
– Why transparency is not common in humans
– An example of a non-authentic life
– Insights into authentic healers and healing
– How you impact and are impacted by yourself in other existences
– What takes place in miraculous healing
– How to know the authentic you
– Who we are authentically
– Insights into the impact of childhood experiences
– The most essential factor in moving towards higher consciousness
– What is ‘spiritual bypassing’?
– Understanding spiritual fractals
– Deep and amazing practices for transparency
– Some very important information about approval
– What’s going on in all the important relationships in your life
– The biggest truth about you in this timeline

An amazing Q&A takes our understanding deeper:
– What mitigates the detrimental impact of guilt and regret on the body
– How transparency unfolds in the fifth level of consciousness
– Dealing with others’ lack of approval at the start of the conscious journey
– Deciphering how to charge for your services
– An example of growing into one’s magnificent authenticity
– Reminders and markers to keep oneself authentic
– The vast and varied expressions of you
– How to heal old injuries
– The tremendous significance of “spiritual bypass”
– Understanding how personality traits transmute into soul qualities

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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