This is a 3 part class with 2 teachings and 1 discussion.

Julius discusses the different states of Time relevant to the human experience.
Linear time, fluid time, narrow time, open time.
How do these concepts work?
Do these change in our lives?
How do we hold time still, and how to accelerate time?
This class has been long awaited and if you are ready to have fun wrapping your head around the possibilities, here it is.

In the first 2 lectures, Julius gives fascinating information and practices for mastery of time:

– What makes time real for us
– A beautiful explanation of what God and the Void is
– An incredible insight into what is called the Big Bang theory
– When the illusion of a time frame is birthed
– Why time is fluid
– What manipulates time
– The one very important unknown factor that slows or quickens time
– How you time travel and a wonderful practice for time travel
– Fabulous practice to change the way something plays out and shift the time process of it too
– What mirrors in your timeline are about
– Fascinating explanation of 4 different views of time
– Time as a huge identification marker
– What happens with time when you raise your consciousness
– How to get time to support your conscious journey
– The fascinating understanding of mirror conscious reflective action
– A very interesting example of how we can shift an emergency situation
– How to be creative with time for your benefit
– The connection between your personality and time

Going deeper into the complex, fascinating arena of time in the Q&A:

– The experience of time in high and low frequency
– More on the fascinating mirrors in time
– The aspect of time in ageing
– Can you clear a scar from the past?
– Fascinating, never-heard-before truths about time travel
– More on time in other realities
– Why some people are always late
– When miracles occur all the time
– How does time fit into the creative process
– A real understanding of the moment of Now
– How to break up the illusion of time
– How the reality is created in this hologram
– Manifestation in the astral plane and the earth
– Can sound affect time?
– How to bend time
– The way time plays out during sleep
– The soul, body and REM sleep
– Amazing information on abduction by off-planet beings

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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