Three part class
The Variable Depths of the Mind

This incredible teaching gives you detailed information on how we move through the seals of consciousness. As we reflect on the depth of understanding given to us, we see the glorious, magnificent journey of all souls as they move through the pageant of lifetimes and experiences to know the All. This advanced teaching has much to offer the student seeking more understanding of itself and all others. That understanding is the base of all compassion, love and non-judgment.

No two people have the same experience, thoughts, or emotions. Some people are very deep contemplative thinkers. They think out of the box with endless questions . Seeking the deepest truths and resolutions. From there the thoughts go deeper and deeper. To others this process is foreign to them. They are more simple minded. They seek quick and simple answers or resolutions and never reconsider them.

Get to know how there can be so many variables of depth of thought in each Level of Consciousness. How can we know which Level we are on when we simply don’t think like anyone else? How do we define our progression for ourselves? Do we need the deepest thoughts? Can the thoughts be simple? What are the depths and complexities of the levels of Consciousness?

Welcome to the world of being Source!

Julius gave us deep, fascinating and truly helpful information on the following:

  • The variety of thought in the seals of consciousness.
  • What is common between picking fruit from a tree and walking into war with a weapon.
  • An unknown difference between open-minded and closed-minded people.
  • How do we move through into higher states of consciousness?
  • The three concepts most important to entry-level beings in the first consciousness seal.
  • The window of consideration that opens up in the first seal.
  • Why people with different thinking and temperament come together.
  • The deception that is present in the first seal of consciousness.
  • A common trait of people in first seal of consciousness.
  • Our fascinating history in relation to our brain.
  • Why other beings came to help us long ago.
  • The huge misconception about what they did when they came.
  • The ways in which these beings helped us.
  • What the second seal of consciousness feels like, how limitations come in.
  • A crucial understanding for mastery of this realm.
  • The first way the soul expands itself.
  • A striking analogy for the first few seals of consciousness.
  • What takes place in the transition from the second to the third seal of consciousness.
  • The difference in thought between the first 2 seals and the third seal.
  • A most stunning revelation about the altered ego in the third seal.
  • Signs of spiritual teachers in the third seal.
  • The realization that comes to beings at the top end of the third seal.
  • The most difficult transition between the levels of consciousness.
  • The fascinating popcorn trail in the third seal.
  • Why empathy and understanding develops.
  • Another unique description of the creative process.
  • The process of igniting dormant parts of the brain.
  • The quality that exists in the higher frequency pockets of the brain.
  • One method of measuring the consciousness of a human being.
  • The fabulous change in the brain at higher levels of consciousness.
  • The type of new thoughts in the higher levels of consciousness.

The extraordinary Q & A holds a wealth of new, deep information:

  • From which level within a seal of consciousness do you enter your next experience?
  • The utterly fascinating transformation of the altered ego across bridge consciousness.
  • The way high consciousness beings process thoughts.
  • The dimensions we access while on the physical plane and communication at these levels.
  • Julius describes the state of no fear and how things operate in it.
  • When and why two beings come together.
  • How the altered ego plays up in the fourth seal of consciousness.
  • What to do when your expanding thoughts don’t reach truths you can sense are there.
  • A huge defining difference between the altered ego and the soul.
  • The big truth about this existence.
  • More information on pinealine – that fascinating, relatively unknown anti-aging hormone.
  • Intriguing insights into practices to awaken the kundalini energy.
  • The advances in the field of computer intelligence in motor vehicles.
  • The wonderful attack mode of the altered ego.
  • Interesting information on earth’s frequency.
  • Our journey through consciousness from the beginning of our existence on earth.
  • Julius’ beautiful, deeply moving words on Mother Earth.