Julius tells us that before we incarnated, we posted runners to ourselves to help us on this journey. Many teachings of Julius refer to this phenomena.

Learn more about these gifts you sent yourself. With this understanding, you will become aware that there is more going on around you than you could have imagined.

Runners inspire you to know more and they certainly help you in your desire to be more.

You are bombarded with your runners in every moment of your life.

This 2-part teaching helps you recognize them and helps you incorporate the wisdom and opportunities that they bring into your life, thereby ensuring a smoother, happier passage through life.

Various fascinating aspects of this subject:

  • ‘Coincidence’ – you can finally let go of the word.
  • About runners in every moment.
  • The ultimate runner.
  • How to recognize a runner.
  • About runners providing opportunity.
  • About how your awakening process becomes refined.
  • About being a runner for others.

Learn even more:

  • Circumstantial beings as runners and how to communicate with them.
  • About someone contemplating suicide.
  • How and when runners can help you.
  • About other beings on this earth.
  • Information on the destruction of a space shuttle.
  • What runners help you see.
  • Why we keep repeating same patterns.
  • Who or what runners are answering to.
  • An insight into an aspect of aging.
  • More about the form that runners can take.

They will be anything that stirs an emotion in you. That’s what a runner is. we refer to these gifts as runners.” ~ Julius

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.