This is a live event in Salt Lake City on September 12, 2021 at Treasures N Creations from 9 am – 12 pm.

Crystalline energy is the particles that come together to make up our physical bodies; or the particles of consciousness within us allowing access to higher information and knowing.
Is this energy active within us all at all times?
Or do we need to activate it?
Can we expand its power?
This Channeling event will provide extra ordinary information on your body’s crystalline energies.
Julius, channeled by Kasey Wallis, will provide cutting edge information on one of the hidden secrets of energy within us.
This topic is relevant in your healing, your lightwork, your creativity, and your Ascension.
Come with us as we dive deep into your inner knowings and activate this energy source.  You will be able to use this energy to connect to Galactic energies and information.
The Ascended Masters group known as Julius is a powerful force of love and truth that comes thru to assist us on our human journey into magnificence.
Transforming audiences around the world, Julius will assist you in your personal transformations and expansions of Consciousness.