Everyone will generally agree that an open mind is desirable. Yet most people are not quite aware of the magnitude of what this means. This is usually because we hit against some subconscious speed bumps that are conditioning, collective consciousness and our perception of what is right and wrong.

This 2-part teaching has amazing relevance for you if you are seeking to manifest what you want in life or you are consciously working to raise your consciousness.

As you listen to this teaching and absorb all its information, you will realise what a truly open mind is.

It will take you towards tolerance and compassion towards yourself and all others.

It will then be the magic component to catapult you into limitless possibility, into fulfilling life, away from the mundane.

The open mind is one of the most crucial factors for taking you more consciously and speedily through the seals of consciousness.

Julius explains:

  • Where all lack in life comes from.
  • About the similarity of thoughts in social consciousness.
  • About the closed mind and its attitude.
  • The resolution of disease.
  • About the pituitary gland and brain activation.
  • Why we have limited thoughts.
  • Why we age and why the body deteriorates.
  • What are rigid practices and disciplines?
  • About the open mind.
  • About expansiveness and moving through the seals of consciousness.

More gems in this teaching:

  • A mind-boggling analogy of the grains of sand.
  • About judgment and detailed resolutions.
  • Example of the progression of a fear-based thought to a love-based thought.
  • Who you are and what Source is.
  • How you created all things on this realm.
  • Why Jesus taught in parables.
  • Money from a fear-based or love-based perspective.
  • The impact of electronic and electric devices.

The more thought that I accept and receive, the higher my frequency becomes.” ~ Julius

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.