The Misunderstanding of the Physical Realm
2 Part Class
This teaching may be a two-part course, but it gives incredible impetus and depth to our understanding of self and this earth plane. It will evoke many Aha moments and deeper insights. We have been misguided throughout history as to who we are, what we are, and what we will become. This has left almost indelible imprints on our psyche that then are the driving force behind our experience here on earth. Mostly it is an experience that continues to limit our knowing and therefore makes it impossible to access our full empowerment. 
This course is designed to take you deep into the knowing of how powerful you really are and the role this earth plane plays in this process. One of our biggest inspirations as well as prisons has been our physicality both with body and demonstrations of thought. In this teaching, we learn who we are, what we are doing on this  earth plane and how we can powerfully move forward. It is designed to eliminate the limitation of what we know ourselves to be so that we may reclaim our magnificence and empowerment.

Many new revelations and deeper insights that build a more solid foundation of self-empowerment:

  • Understanding the process of the all – the all-important creative process.
  • The most limiting concept we have had of thought in connection with ourselves.
  • A deeper revelation into what we are and what we are continually doing.
  • A new truth revealed about what governs and drives our body.
  • The biggest disconnect about this realm.
  • What we are doing on this plane.
  • The important truth about boredom and ease on the journey.
  • The prime indicator of the body in the manifestation process.
  • Deeper insights into the factors affecting the manifestation process.

Julius takes us much further in our understanding of self and this plane:

  • More fascinating information on the individual and collective experience.
  • How to powerfully change experiences.
  • The amazing truth of many souls in one.
  • A deeper insight into kundalini energy.
  • The power of a 6th seal being in manifestation on the physical plane.
  • How to be authentic in the demonstration of emotions through a gift or talent.
  • What is spirit in the physical world?
  • An in-depth look at boredom.
  • The masterful approach to mundane tasks.
  • The way forward into depths of physical being.
  • A huge Aha moment about judgment.
  • The incredible abilities of 5th seal consciousness beings.
  • Julius’ final words of encouragement and support.