Most human beings seek that absolute, unconditional love, yet fall short of finding it. Many are experts at giving love and not very comfortable about receiving it. Then there are others who are very good at taking love but seem to draw a blank at giving it. And the rest of the human population falls in between.

This 2-part teaching gets to the root of this most fundamental and vital aspect of our lives. We are assured that when we master this component, we resolve all issues in life. It is invaluable in helping us master the physical.

Knowing and being every aspect of love is necessary for higher consciousness. This is an all-important step in that direction.

Julius is often asked; “How do I love myself?” This teaching is the answer. As Julius tells us in this course, nobody can give you enough love to make you happy, only you can do that.

Julius guides you to knowing:

  • The grandest expression of love.
  • You and your relationships with respect to love.
  • Why we can find love unfulfilling.
  • How does Source love?
  • Definition of selfishness.
  • The deal breaker in love.
  • Different types of love relationships.
  • Resolving issues in relationships.
  • How to begin with yourself.
  • A 30-day practice to love yourself.

And there is a deeper understanding of:

  • A quality of most enlightened beings.
  • About parenting.
  • What does allowing mean in various situations.
  • More practical guidance for relationships.
  • A deeper understanding of compassion.
  • Feelings and emotions – the difference.
  • About reaction and creation.

Most of you, though you would love to know fully what love is, most of you have aligned a certain component of fear with love.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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