We human beings have always had a fascination for beings from other realms, though we are never quite sure if they mean to harm us or help us. Mostly we fear the former.

However, this fear can limit us from what can be incredible interactions with other beings.  You might think you have never had an interaction with a being from another realm.

Yet you may be surprised by the information in this 2-part teaching and you may just begin to pay more attention to your dreams or experiences in your meditative state. Learn more about the beings you may enjoy interacting with. What do their colors signify? How do you invite them to interact with you?

Learn about this most interesting topic:

  • The colors of the 7 seals of consciousness and 7 frequency bands.
  • How communication with other beings can happen.
  • Instances of communication in childhood.
  • How you are identified by other beings.
  • The colors of various beings and their level of consciousness.
  • An understanding between you and the being.
  • How do you get to communicate with higher frequency beings.
  • Why you no longer communicate with a being as you once did.
  • All that goes on in the dream state.
  • A practice to invite beings of a certain color.
  • Why you always choose who to interact with, or not.
  • A most interesting game of coloration with children.
  • What happens when you change your color.

More additional information:

  • In meditation, what is the color you are seeing?
  • About color and the vibration of a message?
  • Deeper information on astrology.
  • Examples of some dreams interpreted.
  • Information on the intriguing rainbow body.
  • The effects of moods and temperaments.
  • The most interesting message of dragonflies and butterflies.
  • A deeply moving insight into when Julius came to know themselves as Source.
  • The impact of the color of our clothes.
  • About red rocks of Sedona.
  • About Ayers Rock in Australia.
  • A practice to see your own colorations.
  • About Kirlian photography.

Colorations of beings is a very insightful, in-depth observation of your identity of self, of your declaration of your knowing. If you are having a hard time knowing who you are, get into this conversation, get into this experience, get into the interaction of this. Deep contemplation of coloration of beings will help you resolve some of the mysteries of all that you are now currently and all that you desire to be as you unfold and expand yourself into being Source.” ~ Julius

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