This is a 3 part class with two teachings and one discussion.

In this masterclass series Julius will address the energetic imprints of Shame and how to remove them.
Shame is a form of Judgment that has a repeat cycle in our lives.  By holding onto this energy and constantly activating this field in relationships and experiences, we segregate our knowing that we are Source.  We also create an emotional separation in our experiences and therefore have a need to repeat them.
  • Can we adjust our perspectives of what we have done and can we transmute the energy we emit?
  • Why do we hold onto Shame?
  • What use does it have for us?
  • Can we find the golden wisdom from that perspective and thereby love it into higher acceptance?
In becoming the strongest inspiration to ourselves and others, we must devolve the fragments of shame and self judgement.
Julius will help to guide you thru this success and become a more expanded version of your previous self.

This very, very important teaching leads you into clearing very deep imprints:

– The shame we do not recognize
– The deepest fear beneath shame
– The two actions that are almost impossible to heal
– A deep piece of inner work without which we do not get to higher consciousness
– The quiet storm that lives inside you that you are unaware of
– Clues that indicate the hidden shame within you
– How shame works in people in their 50s and above as well as those in their 30s today
– The state of being that is created by shame
– Another huge result of shame within us
– An example of deepest shame and its impact
– What can get very complicated with this issue of shame
– The tidal wave that clears all known and unknown aspects of shame within
– All the deep, wonderful things that elude you when you have unreleased shame
– A very powerful practice to release shaming by others
– The next deep, effective practice to heal relationships where you shamed others
– The final practice that clears massive shame inflicted by you on you
– Additional information to make these 3 practices more effective over the 21 days cycle
– The wonderful gift you can give others
– An important question to ask yourself every night

This electrifying Q&A takes the course a huge leap further:
– A massive aspect that stands in the way of manifesting magnificent things in life
– The truth about attracting narcissists to you
– The deep connection between self-love and judgment of thought
– Deeper truths about homosexuality
– The importance of transparency on your conscious journey
– Additional detrimental things shame does to you
– A powerful practice to heal past incidents of shame
– Can a baby be imprinted with shame?
– How to erase the shame imprints in the young
– The first step to dissolving shame
– How to recognize you are about to shame another
– Another powerful emotion that sits with shame
– What happens when you’re an empath

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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