This is a 3 part course with 2 lectures and 1 Q&A.

This phenomenal teaching is highly recommended to all who choose to be free of all judgment and limitation. It is for those who decide to step permanently into the light and love and compassion that they are. It is the key to greater wisdom, peace and balance in a glorious state of being. Powerful, enlightening, immensely accurate as a way shower, this teaching will be your guiding light to greater levels of happiness and fulfillment. As Julius puts it, among other fascinating insights,
This is some of the massive advanced work of non-judgment.”
It takes courage to look inside of us, to dig deep and be willing to observe without judgement the things we see.  But what happens when we are hit with an almost blind discovery of self?  Perhaps one that others may have come into contact with, but which we have remained ignorant to.
When we are brave enough to do inner work, things can show up that blindside us or even derail us on our conscious journey. Meeting a dark spot, or shadow of self can reveal many things.  How we approach this experience is paramount as we forge ahead on our path.
Some may end up feeling discouraged.  Some may feel that the blind spots will never be clear and therefore should remain in the recesses.
Julius gives stunning, riveting insights into our blind spots:
  • The soul keeps taking us to experiences of a particular issue.
  • The true actualization of a truth within us.
  • The only judgment that there is.
  • One of the major blind spots that are in human beings.
  • Why many are on their spiritual journey.
  • A stunning truth about perception of self and others.
  • What we have backwards that holds us back.
  • How we get detached from who we are.
  • The one huge way that judgment serves us.
  • How to reveal blind spots.
  • A classic example of what we do on our conscious journey.
  • More invaluable pointers on our blind spots.
  • Julius’ definition of authenticity.
  • How common thought is expressed in this world.
  • Understanding an imprint within us that got deeply embedded through the ages.
  • Amazing, powerful techniques and exercises to discover our blind spots.
  • Why there is so much judgment on earth and how judgment serves us.
  • Even deeper fabulous insights into the all-important subject of judgment.
  • Concluding loving words of guidance from Julius

This incredible Q&A that takes these amazing insights and teaching much further:

  • What is the deeper meaning behind people attacking you?
  • The huge difference between within and without that makes The difference.
  • What is really going on when you get angry.
  • The only solution to it all.
  • Some of the causes of such behaviour within people.
  • Insights into when your child is attacked.
  • Much more on parenthood.
  • A hidden aspect of judgment in the manifestation process.
  • The important truth about being God in our manifestation.
  • The high consciousness approach to all kinds of situations.
  • Exactly where the limitations in life come from.
  • Amazing analogy of martial arts.
  • Great insight into the help partners can give each other for hormonal balance.
  • How to be extraordinary.
  • A superlative analogy of beige and fuchsia pink.
Foundation Workshops: