We have experienced strife, conflict, pain, confusion and repetitive discord amongst each other through countless lifetimes. So much so that we hardly know what peace and harmony on earth would be like. Yet we long for it because it is the other side of the coin that we are yet to experience in all its fullness and promise. As always, the journey to that future begins at the individual level and it begins within. These teachings are a tribute and a way to that peace, to those understandings and insights that have been lost to us through the passage of time in fear.

Let’s return. To the uplifting joy and calm of mystical peace, creativity in full bloom, happiness in its highest frequency!

This is a package that will benefit in almost inexplicable ways because its reach is wide and its impact dramatic. It begins with:


#Teaching 1 – Do You Have Your Own Reality?

The key insights in this teaching help you resolve conflicts and disagreements within the family, the workplace and larger community, in which you may be involved. This teaching brings you to incredible understanding, explains to you what is happening at the individual level and builds a solid platform of tolerance and peace towards all. You discover:

  • What you are embodying and what the vibration is.
  • How to move into non-judgment and compassion for others.
  • How you break the cycle of reincarnation.
  • A fabulous technique for creating your own fulfilling reality.


#Teaching 2 – How To Tell If Something Is True

This teaching elaborates on the insights of the above teaching and addresses something that has perplexed mankind through the ages. To know these truths is the key to far more harmonious human interactions and to living life on earth. As they become your knowing, life becomes an adventure, rather than the planned safety of limited truths that don’t ring true for you anymore. Some of vital truths that you will access:

  • What is true.
  • Limited and open-ended truths.
  • How to feel the truth.
  • How to maintain peace and harmony in situations of conflict.


#Teaching 3 – The Open Mind And The Closed Mind

As one of the most crucial factors for taking you more consciously and speedily through the seals of consciousness, this teaching is extraordinary in the depth and understanding it imparts on what constitutes an open mind. It goes beyond all stereotypical definitions of subconscious conditioning, collective consciousness and judgment. As one of the most powerful tools of evolution, its significance cannot be overemphasized in the rise of harmony, peace, compassion and tolerance on this plane of existence. But that’s not all. It is also the ticket for amazing manifestation. Your journey into limitless expansions begins with:

  • Understanding the closed mind and its effects.
  • How to expand the mind into a more open state.
  • Moving from a fear-based closed perspective to an open, love-based perspective.
  • How to swing yourself into the frequency of limitless possibility and a fulfilling life.


To be the light is the promise we made ourselves this time around!