“Fantastic discussion as usual :-) Every experience is each stair tread on the “stairway to Heaven” as per yesterday’s teaching…Thank you for this. Thank you so much!”

~Robert from Moncton, Canada

“Thank you Julius for that exquisitely beautiful answer. Thank you Kasey and Brad for the wonderful work that you do. Many blessings.”



This course originally sold for $89.  It has been reduced to $39.

This powerful 2-part teaching has a huge impact on listeners, and their perspective on experiences in their lives.

Very few human beings truly realise the immense value of all experiences – how they contribute to knowing ourselves as Source.

Julius explains to us in great detail why all experience is relevant to raising our consciousness, to gaining wisdom and compassion.

Yet experiences can also bind us if we feel guilty, remorseful or ashamed about them.

With infinite compassion, Julius guides us on the only way to move past guilt and remorse, the only way to let go of the past, and the only way to keep from repeating the same experiences.

It is the way to forgiveness of self, inner freedom and expansion and it is the way to knowing how valuable we all are, how loved we all are.

Move towards this vital understanding:

  • What is the seed of experience.
  • The staggering importance of experience.
  • How experience leads to wisdom and compassion.
  • What are the binding effects of guilt and remorse.
  • Why you do not need to be bound by guilt and remorse any more.
  • The way to let go of guilt & remorse emotions.
  • The best way to move through all experiences.
  • What is the stairway to heaven?

More remarkable information:

  • Why the current penal system does not really work.
  • About versions of yourself.
  • About parallel lives.
  • Moving from victimhood to self-empowerment.
  • There is no such thing as failure.
  • An direct approach to see all others as the All.
  • About gratitude.
  • About a child’s wisdom.
  • About John Lennon.
  • How a high consciousness being affects collective consciousness.

Your soul hungers for what it has never experienced. It will drive you through that desire. It will have an emotional state called want and will bring upon you with a force called urging.” ~ Julius

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