Fear is a predominant energy in this realm. The healing of fears and phobias does not come about by healing specific incidents.

Most human beings do not understand the complex web of fear they are bound in or how to release themselves from various fears and phobias. This teaching comes in answer to the often repeated question ‘How do I move past fear?”

Julius tells us that there is an accumulation of subconscious fear. What is of fundamental importance, which brings about permanent healing, is a general shift in perception.

This is what this teaching is about. It is about a fundamental shift from fear to love, from limitedness to freedom, from physical beings to light beings.

Let Julius help you release fear:

  • Remembering who we really are.
  • How we as light beings started experiencing fear.
  • Why healing of specific events does not eliminate fear.
  • The nature and revealing facts of phobias.
  • The impact of other lifetimes.
  • Why we hold on to fear.
  • The influence of fear-based thoughts on you.
  • The most interesting information on why we forget other lifetimes.
  • A wonderful example of dogs.
  • Two ways to get into the subconscious mind.
  • About the feeding of fear.
  • An effective exercise to shift from fear to love.
  • Explicit guidance for the time when you are experiencing the phobia.
  • Fear of the new.
  • Various activities to help you make the shift.
  • Inspiration versus influence.

More helpful information:

  • About being resistant to certain thoughts.
  • About repeating situations and new experiences.
  • Helping a child through phobias.
  • Guidance for removing fear of water.
  • About the multiplicity of you.
  • Inspirational thoughts from the universe.
  • What the first manifestation of fear was on earth.
  • About fear of abandonment.
  • The resolution of all fear.
  • Several practices to get out of fear, and move into love.
  • Why there is not full amnesia of other lifetimes.

Fear, of course, is the resistance. It is that which stifles. It is that which holds back and binds. It is what keeps us in limitation.” ~ Julius

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Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.