This was filmed at a live event.  It consists of 2 videos of the event, plus the downloadable audio version of each video.


What happens to your relationship when you decide to expand your awareness and shift directions on your path to Spirituality?

This can include a mild redirect to simply include some new metaphysical practices, all the way to a total transformation teachings you are pulled to follow.

This is already a challenging time without feeling the lack of support of your loved ones.

  • So why does this happen, and why is it so painful?
  • What directions can you take?, and
  • How do you keep your energies up while people seem to be treating you like you’re crazy?

Julius provides powerful insights to assist you on your chosen path. With love and support, they will help you stay focused and compassionate along the way.
Giving you useful tips on how to handle the resistant energies thrown towards you.
And also direct the conversation at whether you can convince your loved ones to come along with you in this magical journey called High Consciousness.

Module 1
– The process of channeling Julius and who they are
– Who and what you are
– The nature of energy frequency
– The biggest program we get at birth and its effect on us
– An amazing insight into ‘original sin’
– Julius’ definition of compassion
– What creates a weak foundation for a relationship
– How relationships usually are on your conscious journey
– The answer to every question
– Understanding marriage, divorce, separation
– The most patterned, important things within yourself you have to give up
– The absolute truth about religion
– The amazing insight into your uniqueness
– What you can do to handle transitions in relationships

Module 2:
– The hidden ramifications of lack of self-love
– The magic of knowing and its difference from belief
– Releasing programming about the conscious journey
– The higher truth about soul contracts
– What sovereignty means
– The two-step harmonious way to separate yourself from a relationship
– How to practise self-love
– The complexity of doers and the don’ters
– How to awaken and remind others who are not awake
– An important clarification on the concept of moving from 3D to 5D
– A brief summary of the 7 levels of consciousness
– The truth about truth and your choosing
– Fascinating, unknown facts about mirror consciousness
– A major characteristic of a narcissist
– Final inspirational words by Julius

Julius is an ascended mastered group channelled thru Kasey Wallis.
See their story here:

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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