Throughout this teaching, you are going to get a much higher perspective about guides. It is a unique teaching on guides because this subject matter is addressed at various levels by Julius and is truly stimulating in its width and depth.

Julius provides clarity on all the common questions and issues usually faced by people when trying to access guidance. As always, they use this platform to reinforce your knowing of yourself as a powerful being.  Is there a strong difference between a guide that is separate from you and your own higher self?

In this teaching, Julius creates a level playing field so that we may enjoy and have facilitated communication with all the loving presences around us. It opens up yet another expanded dimension to our understanding of all that is going on around us.

In the lecture, Julius clarifies these important aspects:

  • The historical imprint left in us about guides.
  • The helpful perspective about guides that will facilitate communication.
  • Two main obstacles in communicating with guides.
  • The ability of the guides to communicate with you at a deep level.
  • Four ways in which guides try to get your attention.
  • The common communication tactics and aligned experiences with other beings.
  • The foolproof application for recognizing and communicating with your guide.
  • A major issue and huge disconnect when communicating with guides.
  • What constitutes a healthy relationship with your guide.
  • Concrete signs that a guide is trying to communicate with you.
  • The most opportune time for communication.
  • How to initiate communication.
  • Important ‘don’ts’ in this context.
  • The relation between guides and runners.
  • Words of encouragement and caution by Julius.

Some more fascinating insights from Julius on:

  • Beings in the sound dimension.
  • The affinity of children to other beings.
  • The mysteries of portals and cats.
  • How versions of your higher self help you.
  • The easy way to know the state of consciousness of the guides, angels etc.
  • The unfaulty deciphering system in your soul and body.
  • The ongoing communication between souls in an example of a car accident.
  • When do you turn within and without for guidance?
  • How to refine your communication with your guides.
  • When we are guides to others.
  • Some highly inspirational and profound questions by Julius on being a guide.
  • Who is responsible for the murder?
  • Angels are capricious.
  • The position of the observer and the doer.
  • The difference between distraction and guidance.
  • The necessity of time being given to absorption of teachings.