This course originally sold for $89.  It has been reduced to $49.

Does dark energy exist or is it an illusion? What attracts dark energy?

As people grow consciously aware of the impact of the all-pervasive low frequency energy around them, they seek ways to dilute it or block it so that they can continue unimpeded by its influence on them and their lives.

Julius takes you from one empowering truth to another to help and support you in eliminating dark energy from your space and your life.

This 2-part teaching provides the answers, the applications, the meditations. As you absorb the inspiration and guidance in this course, you will be confident of leading a life less disrupted by the fear factor all around you.

For practitioners, this information will be very helpful in aiding people with the issue of dark energy.

Julius provides all guidance and help:

  • Difference between being influenced and being inspired.
  • About your thoughts manifesting reality.
  • About events portrayed in media and related advice.
  • Special attention on nightmares.
  • Influence of thoughts within a house, especially while sleeping.
  • About frequency energy and its proximity.
  • Specific advice on preparing for sleep.
  • An uplifting, powerful meditation for the night to protect you in sleep.
  • A stimulating and protecting meditation to begin the day.
  • A simple, effective practice to cleanse a room, or in another house.

And even more helpful information:

  • The relative darkness of this earth plane.
  • Is there possession by another entity?
  • What mantras do for us?
  • About sending love and others.
  • The mass misunderstanding about drinking blood, vampires etc.
  • The diet of a high-consciousness being.
  • Can you clear your body of pathogens with a thought?
  • About chemotherapy and cancer.
  • An analogy of the grains of sand and the whole wide creation.

We want to support that it is real because you make it real.” ~ Julius


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