2-Part Course

Recapping The Year Without Judgment

Incisive, illuminating is this teaching that addresses some major concerns at the year-end and allows us to look back from the perspective of the soul, rather than the altered ego.  A recap of this kind is almost essential to reset, recharge and renew ourselves for the year ahead.

This course helps you to review your reflection of self and your progress, how far you have come in the year gone by  – validating expansion and contemplating that which never got addressed, which may be causing you some disappointment, sadness and even depression.

How do we cope with not meeting the expectations of others in our lives. …. the ones closest to us and the promises that were not kept?

Judgement is the altered ego’s reaction and resolution, love and allowing is the Soul’s.
Let’s wind this year up with enthusiasm, patience, tolerance, and compassion. And learn how to trust the process.

Into the art of recapping without judgment:

  • How you can evaluate without judgment.
  • What causes disruption in the creative flow.
  • Another level of mastery of consciousness on your conscious journey.
  • A clear definition of judgment.
  • What winter time is really good for.
  • The perspective of the optimist and the pessimist.
  • The window of opportunity for the altered ego.
  • The milestones that measure the progression of conscious work.
  • How to calm the altered ego mind.
  • A perfect, astonishing, real-life example of what happens when there is a firm focus on love and acceptance.

More clarity on some vital aspects of a masterful life:

  • The play of the altered ego mind in dreams and in life.
  • Important insights into ‘failures’ and how to handle others’ perspective of them.
  • Authentic feelings as opposed to authentic self.
  • What the healthy, balanced ego self is.
  • The role of matching and mismatched frequencies in manifestation.
  • Fabulous guidance on how to master the altered ego.
  • How to know when you are done with an experience.
  • The health benefits of having the altered ego.
  • Crucial energy differences between flexibility and rigidity.
  • Examples of how flexibility benefits in business.