This 2-part teaching is in answer to your wonder about other possible realms your soul goes to and what happens there. This course also answers the intense curiosity and desire to know what happens when we die.

Have we been somewhere else other than earth?

Do loved ones incarnate or go somewhere else?

What are these dreams of other places?

This course offers fascinating information with clarity and depth. When you gain this important understanding of what happens when you die, you can make the choice right here and right now about where you want to go – because it is all in your hands.

Learn how this plane of existence is actually a realm of enormous potential and inspiration to raise your consciousness.

Julius explains:

  • Is death the end, and what is thereafter?
  • What the earth is?
  • About the plane of love.
  • About the plane of paradise, the golden plane, and how to get to this realm.
  • What determines where you go after you die.
  • The significant difference between realms and dimensions.
  • Where you go in your dreams.
  • The frequencies and seals of consciousness that align you with various realms.
  • What is the tunnel in near-death experiences?
  • A story of one of the great masters known to us.

More truly amazing information:

  • When do you leave a particular realm?
  • The path to ascension.
  • What varies your experience of this realm.
  • The realm atheists go to.
  • The help you get in other realms.
  • About past lives and parallel lives.
  • An illustrative analogy of painting and levels of consciousness.
  • About the soul and leaving this physical realm?
  • The experience of a soul as an animal.
  • The number of physical realms.
  • About Reincarnation and families.
  • About the multi-facet nature of the soul.

Remember that your frequency is determined by your consciousness, by your consciousness. And that acts like a compass, like a magnet to direct you to the realms that you understand.” – Julius

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These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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