This profound teaching tackles an issue that has long troubled man in some form or the other – relationships.

Yet its primary component is the most healing of all issues in life – the healing of the relationship with self. It is, in fact, the relationship with Source.

In order to reach higher states of consciousness, you must have an intimate relationship with yourself.

Julius explains that when we are disconnected from our soul, we are unable to resolve issues, we are lost and confused. Regaining the connection makes our relationships deeper, stronger, healed and expanded.

Julius lovingly guides you back to making this most fundamental connection, taking you from possible victimhood to self-empowerment.

Of special note: Julius gives detailed guidance for the healing of traumatic events.

Learn all that will help you in this vital teaching:

  • What are joy and bliss.
  • What causes disconnection from joy and bliss.
  • Where disconnection begins.
  • What takes you away from your real identity.
  • What events deepen the disconnect.
  • Your relationships are a reflection of.
  • When your soul rejoices.
  • An exercise to get in touch with your emotions.
  • A meditation to experience yourself as the light you are.
  • An amazing understanding and guidance to help you move past traumatic events.
  • About moving from victimhood to self-empowerment.
  • The key to all healing for everyone.
  • An inspiring story of a woman
  • About physical intimacy in a relationship.

Julius also provides additional information on:

  • About the soul within the human.
  • About how to be during pregnancy.
  • Consciousness after death as a human.
  • Are there soul contracts?
  • About manifesting the right partner?
  • The way to speed up manifestation.
  • The reasons for promiscuity.
  • About choice, your soul and groups.

We want you to know that intimacy is the state of joy, it is the state of bliss.  It could be what has been missing for you if you’re having a hard time getting into joy and getting into bliss for it is where connection takes place – deep, deep connectivity from soul to soul.” ~ Julius

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