This course originally sold for $89. It has been reduced to $49.

For all who want to eliminate fear from their lives, this teaching is of the greatest value.

Julius gives you step-by-step guidance to help you withstand the overwhelming impact of influential fear-based thoughts around you. And more than that, how to convert your own thoughts of fear into love and be transformed.

The effective practices, games and activities given in this teaching are designed to help you sustain a higher state of consciousness and frequency.

Julius elaborates on:

  • About hearing and accepting fear-based thoughts.
  • Explanation of social consciousness agenda.
  • About fear-based undertone in media.
  • Practices to protect yourself from fearful thoughts.
  • About create your reality rather versus the fearful reality.
  • Using higher energy and consciousness to support yourself and others.

More interesting and helpful information:

  • About creating more possibility.
  • About your perspective when you leave this physical plane.
  • A different way of living for 30 days – what happens to your energy after that?
  • About your contribution to high frequency.
  • The story of a student who moved away from a limited, fearful existence.
  • About Hitler not being alone.
  • About the amount of thoughts and emotions that go unnoticed.
  • Where fear lives.

We hear from you that you want no fear in your life. For you now know through our teachings that that’s the answer really to everything that holds you  back, that that’s the thing that keeps you from having everything that you want.” ~ Julius


There are other courses that go deeper into specific topics and can support this course. The other courses are not essential and can be purchased before or after experiencing this course.

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