What Is It?

Looking for that extraordinary experience with Julius?
We are now offering, for a limited time, an experience that no other practitioner will offer you.
What if you could be with Julius just for yourself?  The opportunity to focus on your personal and private conscious journey.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have several days of just you and Julius to elevate you? Heal you, expand you?…
We are excited to present this opportunity for you now.
That’s right, a private 3 days with Julius.
Only you and no other distraction. Just think of what you could achieve.
Let us help you design your personal 3 day experience.
We will work with you for your focus and your energy.
This is a  private 3-day immersion for you. Each day will consist of 7 hours with Julius. Meals and lodging are included.
Are you ready? Julius is..

This is a very limited offering! The schedule allows for one session per month only for the months of July, August, September and October only at this time.  Available dates will be listed below.

We would like this to be a customized experience for you.  Julius will focus on the areas you choose to work on for your conscious journey.  We will ask you to do some prep work / looking within before the event in order for you to be clear on what you want to work on, expand, clear, etc.  

You will be asked to provide 2 subjects you want to focus on. (Some suggestions for areas are listed further down on this page.)
One subject will be covered each day on Friday and Saturday.
Then on Sunday you will work from several activations to actualize the new information into your energy bodies and energy field.

The Three Day Event

We ask that you arrive Thursday evening.  That evening will be calm and quiet, allowing you to settle from your travel, rest and prepare yourself for the Friday start. 


Friday, Saturday and Sunday

9 am – Breakfast is served 

10 am – Your private experience will start 

1 – 2:30 pm – Lunch break 

2:30 pm – Afternoon Session 

6 pm – Dinner will be served and this will close down the day

Monday morning departure


Friday & Saturday will consist of conversations with Julius, activations, suggestions, saturation and immersion relating to your area of focus. You will be encouraged to ask questions on these two days.


Sunday will be the integration of all that has been included in Friday & Saturday.  This may include grounding practices, meditations, activations, sound bath and possibly a trip to a canyon or nearby outdoor location.  This day will be more mellow to allow for the integration of all you have worked on.  


Important Details

This three day event is $9995. per person.  A Utah Lodging Tax of $10.77 will be added to the purchase price. Once it is booked, it is non refundable.  (If Kasey and Brad find it necessary to cancel, it will be fully refunded.)


Lodging and meals are included in the price.  Transportation to and from St. George is also included whether the airport or the shuttle, or other St George location.  


Meals are vegan. 


We ask that you have a clear mind and body while attending.  No drugs, alcohol, tobacco or vaping will be allowed at the event.  You may want to do a light detox before coming and/or wean off any dependencies before the event. We want this to be an energetically healthy experience for you.  


What is Not Included

Neither Kasey nor Julius are qualified in addressing or advising you on drug addiction, marriage counseling, medical advice or any kind of therapy.  This experience is to assist in your conscious expansion.  If you have questions about the weekend and would like any assistance, please contact [email protected].


For couples: Julius may work with you together and may also work with you one on one for a portion of the day.  This will depend upon the areas you are each working on and what’s involved in assisting each of you.  


Suggested Items to Bring


  • Journal
  • Crystals
  • Water Bottle (not necessary, but optional for convenience)
  • Snacks ( A refrigerator is available for your use)
  • Sunscreen


Available dates   

July, 2023 – 14 thru 16  SOLD OUT

August, 2023 – 4 thru 6 or 18 thru 20 SOLD OUT

September, 2023 – 1 thru 3 or 15 thru 17

October, 2023  – 6 thru 8 or 20 thru 22


(Ask about stay time considerations for international travelers)


Topic Submittal – Things to Consider

Please tell us what you would like to work on for the weekend.  This can be general, or slightly detailed.  We don’t need extreme detail, but an overview.  Please send this to [email protected] 


Some topics ideas to get you started:

Judgment of Self

Lack of Self Love

Shame, Unworthiness, Guilt


Altered Ego


Clearing Your Energy Fields 

Expanding Your Gifts  

Activating Your Healing Abilities


Remember, this is your journey and you will ultimately do the work to expand yourself.  Julius will assist energetically and in your understanding and opening your mind to allow you to expand your perspective in the area you choose to work on at this immersion.  


You may want to do some journaling on your topic and write down some questions to prepare before coming.  


Come with an open mind and heart and leave your expectations behind. 


  • Any part or all of the Intensive Retreat can only inspire accessing the results within you. We cannot gaurantee results.
  • This event is non refundable once it is purchased.  Cancellation by Kasey & Brad will result in a full refund.
  • See our Terms and Medical Disclaimer.
  • We have the right to suspend or halt any workshop with no refunds if we deem any behavior as inappropriate.
  • No pets or children are allowed at any of the Julius Retreats.